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4th of July with Blizzy and Fear Of The Sky

July 6, 2010

This is Blizzy.

Doesn’t she make you laugh?  Blizzy is Devin’s granddog and was in her care over the Holiday weekend. 

We, Devin and I, had been wanting to hike up McHugh for a while now.  There were several underlying reasons for this desire:  1) exercise, 2) the views and being outside in general and, 3) a geocache dangling like a carrot at the top.   Those who know us know that Door #3 held the reason that trumps all reasons.  The geocache is called, Fear Of The Sky,  and it was going down come rain or shine!

The cache is well hidden and sits  just below the 4311 ft summit.  We made it up there after about 3 hours of steady hiking through clouds and an intermittent sprinkling of rain.  Though the wind never reached the point where we had to don our wind goggles, it did blow enough to put a coat on Blizzy as she weighs nothing and has negative body fat.  A note on wind goggles: Yes, we actually know people who carry wind goggles with them so as to not be turned back by gale force winds while making a bid for a summit.  Devin and I are of the school that if you need wind goggles, it’s time to go home.  As such, we cannot be considered serious peak baggers by the local mountaineering community, which suits us just fine. 

Back to the story.  We made it to ground zero of Fear Of The Sky after some scrambling and had the cache in hand after a bit of poking around.  This is me (Momima) signing the cache log book.

After replacing the cache, we scrambled further up and completed our “summit bid” successfully.   We enjoyed the views while trying to keep out of the wind, took a few photos, had a snack, and headed back down singing, “It’s A Grand Ol’ Flag”., which always reminds me of summer camp, my Dad, and the porch in Cashiers, NC.   It took us about 2 hours of ridge walking and bear shooing to get back to the car.  What a fine way to celebrate Independence Day.   I hope all of you had a fine time as well.

Margie/Momima on the Summit.

View from the summit including Turnagain Arm and the Kenai Mountains.

Another view of the summit including the mouth of Turnagain Arm and Cook Inlet.

Devin trying not to laugh at how cute Blizzy is.

Blizzy running around and playing in the wind.

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  1. July 15, 2010 8:28 pm

    Another great story and adventure–I thought for sure Blizzy was going to get overly excited and cause you all to drop the geocache in midair! What a great day.

    Our Wasilla fourth family barbecue was right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, including the dogs playing ball in the flower gardens and us all helping with the building of the new chicken coop.

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