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Waxing and Waning

May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Having no access to a hose at the moment and no desire to find a hose with which to wash my house myself (with water hovering just above the freezing mark),  I took my house to have it washed by people who do this kind of thing.  In my enthusiasm of new home ownership, I felt I should wax it to get things started out on the right foot.  Don’t ask my why.  I’ve never waxed anything in my life.  But the idea took hold and there was no turning back. 

Being a novice in the arena of waxing,  I read the instructions on the can and was told to begin with a clean, dry surface…hence the house washing.  Four hours after the first dab of wax was applied,  I am proud to report that I have waxed exactly one side of my house.  After so much effort, I thought I’d take a picture to show the remarkable before and after difference, but alas, I am sorry to say there is no difference whatsoever.   I’m not sure waxing is all its cracked up to be and am seriously considering not waxing the other half.  I mean…who would know?

I waxed.  My arms waned.

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  1. Jimmy permalink
    May 5, 2010 10:46 pm

    Merge, wax on wax off. Do the other side. Waxing adds more water repellant. It will bead off and go to the ground? Like I know. Love you.

  2. Carlene permalink
    May 6, 2010 12:35 pm

    I shudder at the idea of waxing a 31.5′ RV! What a huge project! Not a big difference in shine, usually; the benefits will show the next time your “house” needs a wash: A nicely waxed vehicle is easier to clean as bugs don’t bake on as stubbornly, and the road grime washes off easier. In addition, when it rains you will see that the water beads up and runs off, just like the finish on a new car…!

    Maybe you should have a waxing party! Invite some of us over to lend a hand and finish the other side in record time. Of course, you’d need to round up some ladders to git ‘er done! ; )

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