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Updated Info and Photos: My New Favorite Thing

December 19, 2015

Well hello there.  Nice to see you again so soon.

I had hoped to post some photos of the hens vying for a spot on the “non-roost” roost, but couldn’t get any good shots, so went ahead and posted the story anyway.  Well, wouldn’t you know, I got some great pictures this afternoon of the girls trying to secure their spot on the skinny little board up against the wall, so without further ado…

This first shot shows Penny and Polly in prime position on the support bracket with Marilyn and Harriet apparently discussing how they ended up out on the real roosting bar and what they are going to do about it.  I think Penny and Polly are showing quite a lot of gumption in trying to secure the best spots considering where they always end up after all is said and done.


These next two shots show the situation as it usually is once everything has been negotiated.  You can see the young Buff Orpingtons, Penny and Polly are lowest on the totem pole, so are relegated to the Outer Mongolia section of the desired roosting area.  Max and Minnie, the Black Australorps,  and Marilyn who is only recognizable by the tip of her black and white tail  hanging down next to the black tail hanging down, have the three most coveted spots along the support bracket.  And Harriet…dear Harriet.  It looks as though Harriet, the brown one,  has just thrown herself onto the pile that is Max, Minnie, and Marilyn and has somehow settled in on top.


And a close up of the puppy pile of pullets.


I do love these chickens and they aren’t even close to being full grown.

Another bit of new information I can offer is that both Max and Minnie ate Meal Worms from my hand this afternoon.  Marilyn and one of the Buffs got really close and I could tell they really wanted to, but they just couldn’t quite muster the courage.  Nevertheless, progress is definitely being made.

Stay tuned for more coop news.


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